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Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future: It has been said that all cultures eventually develop a form of classical architecture.  Fundamental principles, such as scale, light and proportion continue to be the hallmarks of architecture that is to be admired both now and in the future, yet these essential elements are too often ignored in the pursuit of current trends. The architects and designers at Sullivan Buckingham Architects subscribe to the idea that to be truly transformative, great architecture must look to the future and to the past simultaneously.

Service to a client’s vision: Realizing that many of our clients envision their project as a gift to future generations, we strive to design buildings that will serve its users immediately after occupancy as well as many years hence.  Throughout the design process the question of who is truly being served remains paramount.  With many stakeholders in a building project, often with different priorities, this question can be more complex than it appears.  As such, we endeavor to understand the full context of our client’s vision so that our designs reflect an authenticity and also bring warmth and logic to the design.

Design Fulfillment: Through years of experience in traditional design, the architects and designers at Sullivan Buckingham Architects have built a reputation for capturing the essence of period styles from Romanesque to early modern.     Our experience has taught us that by thoroughly understanding the underlying principles of traditional design, new and renovated spaces can fulfill the latest functional requirements while ensuring that the design will not quickly become obsolete as styles and fashions change.  In an era where sustainability has become the watchword, we work tirelessly to make our clients’ buildings ecologically sound and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.   The resulting buildings and spaces are intended to serve their users long after current design trends have run their course.